• ‘Stop the Knocks’ Campaign Gets Results!

    News Realease; November 3, 2016

    Councillor Ras: “StoptheKnocks” Campaign Gets Results

    Province Introduces Legislation to Ban Door-to-Door Sales


    Today, Mississauga Councillor Karen Ras (Ward 2) expressed her support for the Provincial Government’s important step forward to protect consumers by introducing framework legislation to ban door-to-door sales.


    Last Spring, Mississauga City Council passed a motion calling on the Province of Ontario to impose a ban on door-to-door sales activities, specifically in the home services sector. The Council motion, brought forward by Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras, which was  unanimously approved, urged other municipalities to join with Mississauga in calling on the Province to act to protect consumers when dealing with door-to-door home energy services.


    “This is a win for the campaign, and a win for Ontario consumers,” said Councillor Ras.  “Thousands of Ontarians – whether young people or seniors, those who have lived here for years, or are new to Ontario – have gotten duped at the door by sales agents that mislead, misrepresent, and use tactics of fear and pressure to sell people services they neither need nor want.”


    “We look forward to the details regarding the regulations to ensure they are focused on dealing with the problem consumers are facing: unsolicited door-to-door sales activities,” added Ras.


    The motion was part of a campaign called ‘StopTheKnocks’ which encourages homeowners across Ontario to lend their voices by signing the online petition on Change.org.


    Since Mississauga passed the motion, over 25 municipalities – from Thunder Bay to Toronto – have followed suit and passed resolutions calling on the Province to act and crack down on this issue.  Thousands more have either signed the petition or made their voices heard through their elected representatives at all levels of government.


    “Today’s announcement is an important step in the right direction,” stated  Councillor Ras. “It is important for homeowners to know their rights when it comes to door-to-door sales.”