• Lakeshore / Royal Windsor Multi-Use Trail Update (As of April 10, 2019)

    1. The bridge / boardwalk installation over the main branch of Birchwood Creek is progressing well. The helical piles have been installed and the contractor is scheduled to backfill the east abutment in the coming days.

    2. The west abutment is scheduled to be installed a later date after all sections of the bridge are in place except the end west one in order to maintain machinery access due to the challenging site conditions. The contractors will be accessing the site for this work from Clarkson Rd.

    3. TNPL (trans-northern pipeline) is scheduled to mobilize for their integrity dig this week. They will occupy the corridor site between Woodeden Dr. and Indian Rd. for 4-6 weeks..

    4. Our contractor will return to Ward 2 to finish the trail construction after all work by 3rd parties is completed (such as the above noted work and Clarkson Park).

    5. All outstanding trails in Ward 2 are scheduled to be completed after the schools close for the summer break (to minimize the public disturbance, impacts on school accesses and to avoid extra costs).

    6. It is anticipated that the Birchwood Creek bridge over the main branch will be completed in May 2019 with the trail section (Clarkson Rd. and Ravine Dr.) opening in July 2019.

    7. The Birchwood Creek bridge installation over the secondary creek branch (behind Lorne Park Library) is scheduled for June 2019 with the trail section opening in July – August 2019 (section between Truscott Dr. and Whiteoaks Ave.)

    8. The new Turtle Creek bridge section between Clarkson Rd. and Southdown Rd. is anticipated to be opened in July 2019.

    9. The new Sheridan Creek bridge section between Bromsgrove Rd. and Southdown Rd. is anticipated to be opened in July-August 2019.