• Insauga: 5 People to Watch in Mississauga Politics in 2017

    Karen Ras (Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor)

    Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras is not exactly a household name in Mississauga local politics. She won her council seat in 2014 after the long time incumbent retired and since then has kept a low profile. Her most prominent initiative has been to introduce a motion calling for a ban on door-to-door sales in Mississauga, and it seems the province agreed with Councillor Ras’ actions when they introduced legislation to do the same thing across Ontario.

    Ras is also one of those rare politicians on council who frequently questions her colleagues and staff about spending and fiscal prudency. She raised hard questions during the 2017 budget debates last month, but her most memorable moment, in my opinion, was when Mississauga council voted to approve spending almost $400,000 on a Cirque Du Soleil-style spectacle called Cavalia and she was the only councillor to ask where the money was actually coming from and not getting too swayed by the fanfare.

    I expect Councillor Ras to continue being one a fiscal conservative on council. The majority of council do quip from time to time about controlling costs, but it seems most of them are moving in a general direction of “thinking big” and worrying less about the financial realities Mississauga currently is in. Ras is providing that grounded approach and bringing things back down to a level of sensible reality.