• GOOD NEWS: Aerial Spraying Approved

    Thank you to all who took the time to provide feedback on the Corporate Report that went to General Committee today.


    I’m so very pleased to let you know that we are proceeding with spraying in 2018 for Gypsy Moth and Fall Cankerworms!


    In addition, the spraying will be paid for out of our reserves and you will NOT receive an individual invoice. Council saw the merit of providing a broader benefit to the community when it comes to preserving our tree canopy. (We also already pay a lot in property taxes.)


    Lorne Park Estates, not previously identified in the report but was subject to spraying a decade ago, was added as an area to be evaluated.


    Staff are still in process of collecting more information on anticipated populations of cankerworms, so the spraying area may expand in the coming weeks.


    As soon as more information becomes available on the specific areas for spraying, I will share it with you.


    Thank you to all residents who took the time over the last few months to share your stories with me, the Mayor, other members of Council and staff.  I think it truly made a difference!


    I will follow up in the coming weeks regarding the planning and communications for the spraying.