• Winter Councillor’s Update

    My winter paper newsletter will be delivered to every home in the Ward this week. I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to read more about and I will include in a future newsletter. Ward 2 Winter 2016 Newsletter


  • Armagh Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter

    Please see the below newsletter, highlighting all the wonderful things going on at Armagh.

    With the season of giving around the corner, please consider making a gift towards their 2016 Holiday Sponsorship Program that benefits Armagh’s families. They welcome cash donations as well as local grocery store vouchers, gift cards and presents for all age groups. For more information or to be paired with a family, please call 905-855-0299 and ask for Tara.

    Armagh Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter


  • Have Your Say on Spending the City Budget

    Mississauga’s online budget allocator for the 2017 Budget is now available at mississauga.ca/budget.


    The online budget allocator lets residents choose their preferred spending option on selected City services.


    From roads and recreation programs to fire and emergency services, City services impact people’s lives every day. Decisions about City services drive the budget. Residents can use the allocator to test different spending options and then choose one for each service area.


    Results received from the allocator by November 4 will be shared with Budget Committee on November 28. The results will help inform the committee’s review of the 2017 proposed Business Plan and Budget.


    “The budget allocator is a great way for residents to learn more about City services and their cost, and tell us about their priorities,” says Jeff Jackson, Director of Finance and Treasurer. “It is an opportunity to share their priorities in a way that gets people involved in their City’s business planning and budgeting process.”


    The service areas for the budget allocator for the 2017 Budget have been expanded from 10 to 12.


    Budget Allocator Background

    • The City of Mississauga introduced an online budget allocator tool in 2014 to
      • raise awareness of the budget process;
      • get residents thinking about the potential impacts of spending choices; and
      • provide a way for residents to voice their opinions about the City’s plans and budget.
    • The original allocator tool featured eight service areas, with three spending options for each service area. The updated version features 12 service areas, each with five spending options.
    • About 2,000 people used the online budget allocator to express their preferences during 2016 budget preparation: results were shared with the Budget Committee on November 23, 2015.


    Learn About the Budget

    • Details about the City budget and the budgeting process are available online at mississauga.ca/budget.
    • An overview of the 2017 Proposed Business Plan & Budget was presented to Budget Committee June 15, 2016
    • The full 2017 Proposed Business Plan & Budget will be posted online November 14. Budget Committee deliberations are scheduled for November 28 to December 12, with a Council vote planned for December 14, 2016.


    Get Involved in Planning and Budgeting

  • Mayor’s Citywide Food Drive Challenge

    Mayor Crombie is pleased to once again launch the 2016 Mayor’s Citywide Food Drive Challenge as a part of The Mississauga Food Bank’s Annual Thanksgiving Campaign in partnership with the City’s Fire and Emergency Services team. Starting on Monday, September 19, goals are to raise 200,000 lbs of food and $100,000 by October 14. Last year  148,900 lbs of food were donated and $82,917 so we have our work cut out for us this Thanksgiving season!


    For the 15% of Mississauga residents who live in poverty, providing adequate nutritious food for their families is a daily struggle. The Mississauga Food Bank exists to ease this struggle for hungry neighbours while they work out the issues in their lives that caused the need for a food bank. Their vision is a Mississauga where no one goes hungry.


    Ways for you to participate in this campaign:


    • Participate in the challenge by inviting constituents to raise food and funds for The Mississauga Food Bank. You can do this by promoting the campaign through your communication channels – social media, newsletters, website, etc. A campaign toolkit for this purpose is attached for your review and consideration;
    • Join the #OneBagChallenge:
      • Fill a bag with nutritious non-perishable food
      • Take a photo or video as you deliver your donation to your local grocery store, fire station or The Mississauga Food Bank
      • Post your photo or video on social media and challenge five people to do the same within 48 hours. Make sure to use the hashtag #OneBagChallenge!


    • Join Mayor Crombie at the Family Thanksgiving Celebration on Saturday, October 8 at Fire and Emergency Services HQ on Fairview Rd, taking place from 11 AM to 4 PM. Families can bring their donations and enjoy free fun activities provided by campaign sponsors.
  • New User-friendly Boulevard Garden Encroachment Permit

    The City of Mississauga’s Encroachment By-law is getting updated with a new, user-friendly process for residents interested in installing and maintaining boulevard gardens on public lands.


    “It is wonderful to see a user-friendly process available to residents who are passionate about their gardens,” said Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey.  “Our city has so many talented gardeners with great visons that are making our city beautiful.”


    Council directed that Works Operations and Maintenance staff review the Encroachment By-law to streamline the installation of boulevard garden encroachments.


    “City staff has developed a simpler process for residents wanting to install and maintain boulevard gardens,” said Bob Levesque Acting Director Works Operations and Maintenance. “The current Encroachment By-law prohibits encroachments onto public lands except where a minor encroachment agreement exists. These conditions are not suitable to boulevard gardens. The new process will allow residents to enter into a written agreement for boulevard gardens separate from a formal Encroachment Agreement or Minor Encroachment Agreement. Residents are encouraged to apply for a permit in advance of planting. Staff recommends an administration fee of $50 plus applicable tax for the Boulevard Garden Encroachment Permit.”


    Applicants will be required to provide the City with a sketch of the proposed garden in accordance with the requirements of the Encroachment By-law. Staff will then evaluate the encroachment to ensure that the garden does not:

    • conflict or interfere with Transportation & Works operations and/or guidelines for sightlines;
    • create a safety hazard for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists or anyone performing maintenance activities on City owned lands;
    • contain sharp or dangerous objects; and
    • include plants or materials that may: impede drainage; contain vegetables or grains; or prevent or obstruct snow clearing or removal operations.


    The permit reads that the applicant is responsible for:
    • all maintenance and repairs to the garden encroachment;
    • the restoration of City lands to the then current City standards, including all applicable costs and expenses; and
    • any injury or damages sustained or suffered by any person as a result of the existence of the garden encroachment.


    The permit process will be on the June 22, 2016 Council agenda for approval. For more information, read: Boulevard Gardens and By-law Amendment

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