• Sheridan Homelands Traffic Calming Proposal

    I would like to thank all the residents and staff that attended the Sheridan Homelands Traffic Calming Meeting on Wednesday, December 6th at Erindale Secondary School. For those who were unable to attend, below is the presentation from the evening, a Traffic Calming FAQ sheet and a comment form, which I hope you will complete and submit to staff. The implementation time frame for this proposal, should it go ahead, is Spring 2018.


    If you have any questions or concerns about this proposal, please contact me at 905-896-5200 or karen.ras@mississauga.ca. 


    TRAFFIC CALMING Homelands Thornlodge (2)

    TRAFFIC CALMING Comment Sheet (3)


  • Report Recommends Regulation of Short-Term Accommodations in Mississauga

    A staff report presented on December 4th to City of Mississauga’s Planning and Development Committee recommends amendments to the Zoning By-law to regulate short-term accommodations (STAs) in the City.  The recommendations include allowing STAs in all dwelling types that are primary residences, subject to conditions.


    The report also includes an update on responses from an online survey and public consultation process as well as an updated municipal scan and recommendations to amend the Zoning By-law to regulate STAs.


    The City’s Zoning By-law currently does not prohibit STAs. Council directed Enforcement staff to further examine STAs in Mississauga, consult with stakeholders and recommend options for regulatory control within three months.


    According to the report, the proposed amendments:


    • define short-term accommodation as the use of all or part of a dwelling unit, used by the owner or leaseholder as their principal residence, for temporary overnight accommodation for 28 days or less;
    • define a principal residence according to the Income Tax Act;
    • permit STAs in all principal residences in the City of Mississauga, in all types of residential units for 28 days or less; and
    • Require a minor variance or rezoning application to permit an STA in a dwelling that is not a principal residence. This will allow condominium boards, neighbours and property managers to comment on the application and City departments to evaluate the request. If a minor variance application is submitted, the Committee of Adjustment can impose conditions of approval including time limits.


    The report also cites that similar regulations are proposed in Toronto and Vancouver and are already in place in New York City, Philadelphia, Portland and San Francisco.


    There are existing by-laws to address nuisance concerns that may be related to STAs. Under these by-laws, City staff respond to any complaints in the community as they arise.


    “The proposed amendments to the Zoning By-law represent a balanced approach to regulating short-term accommodations in Mississauga,” said Ed Sajecki, Commissioner, Planning and Building. “They clarify how residents can share their principal residences with others, while limiting the potential impacts on housing availability and affordability. They also provide some additional protection to buildings and neighbourhoods.”


    Staff are also considering the potential to tax short-term accommodations. On November 1 at General Committee, Council approved in principle the introduction of a four per cent hotel tax effective July 1, 2018. 

    As next steps, staff will present the proposed Zoning By-law amendments to Council for approval in early 2018.The Enforcement Division will report to General Committee on a possible registry or licensing regime for short-term accommodations to reduce the potential for nuisance impacts in buildings and neighbourhoods.

  • Geophysical Investigation on Lakeshore Road West

    The Region will be starting the geophysical investigation commencing December 3rd through 15th. The investigation will be carried out at night and the noise bylaw exemption has been granted by the City. Please see the below notice with additional information.

  • GOOD NEWS: Aerial Spraying Approved

    Thank you to all who took the time to provide feedback on the Corporate Report that went to General Committee today.


    I’m so very pleased to let you know that we are proceeding with spraying in 2018 for Gypsy Moth and Fall Cankerworms!


    In addition, the spraying will be paid for out of our reserves and you will NOT receive an individual invoice. Council saw the merit of providing a broader benefit to the community when it comes to preserving our tree canopy. (We also already pay a lot in property taxes.)


    Lorne Park Estates, not previously identified in the report but was subject to spraying a decade ago, was added as an area to be evaluated.


    Staff are still in process of collecting more information on anticipated populations of cankerworms, so the spraying area may expand in the coming weeks.


    As soon as more information becomes available on the specific areas for spraying, I will share it with you.


    Thank you to all residents who took the time over the last few months to share your stories with me, the Mayor, other members of Council and staff.  I think it truly made a difference!


    I will follow up in the coming weeks regarding the planning and communications for the spraying.

  • Aerial Spraying Update

    Forestry staff have now completed their report with respect to aerial spraying. This report will be presented at General Committee, in Council Chambers, on Wednesday, November 15th at 9 am.


    There are aspects to this report that you will be pleased with, as they have recommended aerial spraying and most of the Ward 2 affected neighbourhoods are included in the program. The areas identified for spraying have suffered the most defoliation and are often affected by both gypsy moths and cankerworms. The cost for this spraying is very high ($1.6 million), so a cost recovery program is being proposed, by invoicing private property owners $170 to defray some of the costs incurred. I know you all pay a tremendous amount in taxes, so this is something that may not be favourable to you and would like to hear from you on this aspect. I will try to put forward a motion to have all the cost borne by the City.


    One aspect of the recommendation that is missing is the commitment to undertake a regular preventative program, which I intend to pursue.


    The report is Item 8.2 in the link below. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.




    I invite and encourage you to attend.


    If you would like to make a formal deputation, please register with the Clerk’s office as soon as possible by filling out the form here: https://www.mississauga.ca/portal/services/deputation


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