• Downspout Disconnection Rebate

    The Region of Peel received approval to launch a Voluntary Downspout Disconnection Rebate program on July 1, 2014.  This program has been established to offer incentives for residential properties in the Region that were built before the year 1975 or have experienced flooding in the past, to disconnect downspouts which may be connected to the Region’s sanitary sewer system. The program was rolled out in two phases with notifications to identified areas on the East side of Peel received mid-2014, and identified areas on the West side of Peel receiving notification beginning mid 2015. The Voluntary Downspout Disconnection Program is available for homeowners to take advantage of until the end of June 2016 at which time we will begin the rollout of the Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Program

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  • Peel Police – Fraud Bureau Warns of Fire Inspection Scam

    Investigators from the Peel Police Fraud Bureau would like to make the public aware of a “door –to- door scam” involving persons posing as home fire inspectors from private companies.

    Reports have been made to police advising that letters have come to residents homes which

    cite specific fire regulations related to the installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms/ Smoke Alarms.  These letters give the impression that the home owner must schedule a mandatory inspection to prove compliance to these regulations, or risk charges under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

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  • Make Myeloma Matter


    Multiple Myeloma is a rare CANCER OF THE PLASMA CELLS found in the BONE MARROW. The Plasma cells make antibodies to help fight infection, but when these cells grow uncontrollably they become Myeloma cells, hence affecting production of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

    This can lead to anaemia, infections, renal failure, bone damage and pain.

    Multiple Myeloma is a ‘Stealth-like’ disease that often goes unrecognizable until more severe signs appear. Early diagnosis is crucial so that drugs can keep ahead of the Myeloma Protein.

    There is no known cause, but every day seven more Canadians are diagnosed with this incurable Cancer. Fortunately through excellent Research in developing more effective drugs as well as better Patient Treatments, life expectancy has been extended and quality of life improved.

    MYELOMA CANADA is a National organization devoted to improving the lives of Myeloma Patients and their Caregivers.


  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms Are Required in Ontario Homes

    Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. Common sources of carbon monoxide include furnaces, hot water heaters, gas or wood fireplaces, portable fuel-burning heaters and generators, barbeques, stoves and vehicles.

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  • Smoke Alarms Save Lives

    Working smoke alarms save lives. Keep your family and your home safe by ensuring you have properly functioning smoke alarms. Here is some information you should know about smoke alarms.

    The Ontario Fire Code requires a working smoke alarm on every story of your home and outside all sleeping areas. For added protection, install smoke alarms inside all bedrooms (especially if people sleep with their bedroom doors closed).

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