• Be Tick Aware

    We all love to be out and about during the summer but it is important to remember tick safety whenever you are outdoors.  Black-legged ticks (also known as deer ticks) can carry Lyme disease.  While Peel does not have an established black-legged tick population at this time, ticks may be carried into the Region by migratory birds.


    If you have been bitten by a black-legged tick, it has to be attached for at least 24 hours to transmit Lyme disease. If you develop symptoms such as fever, headache, fatigue, or a bulls-eye rash (which occurs in 70-80 percent of cases), contact your physician.  Lyme disease is easily treated if caught early.


    If you find a tick on you or your family, you can submit it to Peel Public Health for testing by:

    • Putting the live tick in a small container with a tight fitting lid;
    • Bringing the container to 7120 Hurontario St., Mississauga, from Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    You will be asked about where you likely picked up the tick.  If the tick is a black-legged tick, Peel Public Health will conduct tick dragging in the area. 


    There has been an increase in the number of ticks being submitted in Peel, likely due to the cooler, wet weather this year. 


    There are many areas of Ontario that have established populations of infected black-legged ticks.  You can reduce the risk of coming into contact with a tick by avoiding places that are wooded, have leaf litter and long grass. If you do go into these potential tick habitats:

    • Apply insect repellent containing DEET to skin and clothing
    • Wear long-sleeved shirts that fit tightly around the wrist and long-legged pants tucked into socks or shoes or boots. Light-coloured clothing makes it easier to see if ticks land on your clothing
    • Check regularly for ticks and remove attached ticks immediately
    • Shower or bathe within two hours of being outdoors to wash away loose ticks

    For more information on ticks and Lyme disease, call 905-799-7700.

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