• Mi-Way – September Service Changes

    Effective Sept. 7, 2015, MiWay will be implementing service changes on several routes to improve service reliability. At this time of the year additional trips to post-secondary institutions (UTM, Sheridan and Humber) and High School routes return to the schedule.  Last week MiWay launched a new route 185 – Dixie Express, offering a new connection between Brampton and Mississauga. Both MiWay and Brampton Transit staff will be out in the coming weeks to communicate these changes. MiWay staff will also be riding along route Dixie Express 185 on the morning of Sept. 8 thanking customers for using this new service and providing them with a token of appreciation.


    For information about the service changes visit miway.ca/servicechanges.

    For information about the new Route 185 – Dixie Express visit miway.ca/dixie


    Service to Canada’s Wonderland is currently offered by GO Transit routes 19 & 60 from the Square On GO Bus Terminal, with a transfer at Yorkdale. Customers with a PRESTO card will pay less than $15 round trip. In an effort to remove duplicated service already provided by GO Transit, after Sept. 7, 2015, MiWay will no longer offer service to Canada’s Wonderland via Route 88 – Wonderland (including 2016).




  • Introducing GreenbeltFresh.ca

    Introducing Greenbeltfresh.ca, a great new free service available to Ward 2 residents. With over 600 farms and farmers’ markets, Greenbeltfresh.ca allows consumers to search for fresh local food that is closest to their location. Consumers can search for farms, farmers’ markets, and wineries for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and year-round for artisan cheese, preserves and local meat. You can take your family to visit a pick-your-own apple orchard or a Christmas Tree farm and enjoy some fun farm activities.

  • City Streamlines Private Tree By-law Application Process

    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Update

    To help property owners manage the removal of privately owned Ash trees in a timely manner, the City has improved the Private Tree By-law application process to deal with the increased volume of applications due to dead and dying ash trees.


    A permit is still required to remove three (3) or more dead, dying or hazardous trees over 15 cm (6 in) in diameter on private property.


    Now, a certified arborist can sign off on the application form to confirm that the Ash trees are dead or dying due to EAB. This will help streamline the process. As with any dead or dying tree, there will be no fee required.