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  • Southdown Local Area Plan – OPA Amendment – October 19th

    City’s Proposal:To consider changes to the Mississauga Official Plan for the Southdown Employment Area. The purpose of this amendment is to add a policy in the Southdown Local Area Plan. Proposed policy addition will recognize therequirement of a completed Air Quality Study to help determine whether it is appropriate to consider land use changes (such as residential) within the Southdown Employment Area and delineated boundary of Clarkson GO Major Transit … Continue reading

  • Vacuum Leaf Collection Program – Dec 18

    Both City and contractor crews have been working hard all week trying to collect as many leaves as they can. Crews have completed all YELLOW zones and are currently working in the BLUE zones. We are approximately 50% complete in our BLUE zones and based on the pace of the operation, we hope to complete by the end of the week weather permitting. The GREEN zones will commence after that. … Continue reading

  • Lakeshore / Royal Windsor Multi-Use Trail Update (As of April 10, 2019)

    1. The bridge / boardwalk installation over the main branch of Birchwood Creek is progressing well. The helical piles have been installed and the contractor is scheduled to backfill the east abutment in the coming days. 2. The west abutment is scheduled to be installed a later date after all sections of the bridge are in place except the end west one in order to maintain machinery access due to … Continue reading

  • Ontario Government: Regional Governance Review

    Open Letter to Residents Many of you may have heard or read about Mississauga seeking independence from Peel Region. To provide some background, in mid-January, the Province announced that it is reviewing Regional Governance across Ontario, including Peel Region. (News link: At that point, City staff were instructed to pull together information for Council consideration and that was debated on last Wednesday in terms of what our next steps are. … Continue reading

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